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Knights and Ladies of Marshall are members of a lay catholic friendly society established in the Gold Coast (Ghana) in 1926. The aim of the order was to invite the Catholic educated (elites) from joining other non-Catholic organization such as Odd Fellows, Free Masons etc many of whom end up losing their Catholic faith.

The order was named “Marshall” after a Judge of the Gold Coast, a lay man and government official who lamented on the lack of Catholic Church in the Gold Coast after the Portuguese left the Gold Coast. His letter to the Pope in Rome resulted in the Pope sending Two (2) Priests from North Africa to re-start evangelization in the Gold Coast which resulted in Catholicism standing on its feet to date. His name was Sir James Marshall in whose memory the society was named.

Since 1926, the society was granted Ecclesiastical Accreditation by Bishop Haugot of the Gold Coast. These accreditations included, “Nihil Obstate” and Vivat, Floreat, Crescat”. Meaning the teachings of the society was not against the church on 1st November, 1929
The order was operated as a men’s’ society – (Knights) until 1969 when the Ladies of Marshall was inaugurated as women counterparts of the order. From 1969 therefore wherever the Knights of Marshall operate they do so with the ladies of Marshall.

By 1994 many brothers and sisters of Techiman had joined the noble order in Wenchi.  But with time, the need came for Techiman to organize their own council and court. By July, 1996, Techiman had Twenty-four (24) brothers and Twenty-three (23) Sisters including new and old brothers/Sisters who because of transfer had decided to join the new order in Techiman.
With the members satisfying the orders rules, on 31 August, 1996 Council-65 (Knights) and Court-60 (Ladies) were consecrated by the Supreme Council and Grand Court respectfully.

the Knights and Ladies of Marshall Council-65 and Court-60 to launch the Twenty-Five (25) years or Silver Jubilee for Council and Court in Techiman From 1996 to 2021A moment to look ahead at the mountains we must still climb.

1. The society can now boast of Ten (10) or more priests and some Seminarians. Some serving in other Diocese in Ghana and even missionaries in other Countries.

2. Through our effort we have been able to consecrate Councils and Courts in Kintampo, Nkoranza, Yeji and Atebubu

3. We have opened Junior Councils and Courts at Techiman, Kintampo and Atebubu
The Way Forward

1. To open branches in most parishes within the Diocese
2. To build our own temple where we can have our meetings and programs
3. To be visible and vibrant society in the Diocese
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Mass Schedule
Sunday Mass: 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:00am
Weekdays Morning Mass – Monday to Friday: 6:00am
Weekdays Midday Mass – Monday to Friday: 12:00pm
Anticipatory Mass – Saturday: 6:00pm
Youth Mass – 7:00pm