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The Amanten Christian Mother's   Association based in the Catholic Church which was under the Konongo - Mampong Diocese and Atebubu parish was formed in the month of March, 1997 under the leadership of mother Mary Magdalene  Taa-ire . The aims for the establishment of this association were to cater for the religious activities and somehow the socio- economic needs of its members. In the past, they used to have their meetings every Thursdays in one of the members' house .As time went by, two mothers in the persons  of Mothers Mary Ninnang and Grace Donkor came from Prang to settle in Amanten in the year 1998. They decided to help the members with the teaching of the association and later on   had the members, thirty two of them initiated by the then deanery  organizer, Mother Mary  Takorah . Later on, Mary Ninnang and Grace Donkor
who became the president and secretary respectively, organised the Akokoa, Jato Zongo Mothers and some christian children . Mothers and the children of these two towns were als  initiated with forty five  members . Now the total number of mothers in the association are 147 and 98 Christian children in the Amanten parish now under the Techiman Diocese.

The activities the association does are as follows:
--- Enhancement of dynamic Christian values among members by having parish retreats and rallies for the members.

----  Supporting income generating activities through the selection of some members to go and learn some entrepreneurial skills in other to train the rest when they return.

--- Supporting the church financially and also donating material items. Eg, The association has donated the following to the church
1. Alter cloth
2. Twenty plastic chairs
3. Alter bell
4. One of the beam chairs

---- Going for diocesan conferences once every year at a selected parish.

----  Supporting members in times of  crisis and also celebrating with them in  times of happiness. 

Meeting Days
The associations meeting is held on every two weeks after church on Sundays.
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Mass Schedule
Sunday Mass: 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:00am
Weekdays Morning Mass – Monday to Friday: 6:00am
Weekdays Midday Mass – Monday to Friday: 12:00pm
Anticipatory Mass – Saturday: 6:00pm
Youth Mass – 7:00pm